Simple USM

Simple USM is an introductory e-book about USM. It is targeted for people that want to understand the basics of USM, for example for deploying USM with the help of a coach.

It explains the core ideas of USM method in simple, condensed format. It is a good starting point for learning more about USM.

The book is in English and contains 14 pages.

The book is free to download in PDF format. Fill your industry on the form on the left, and submit the form. After you submit the form, a download button will appear.

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Training is integral part of the USM Deployment, allowing you to become more self-sufficient. Training can be more informal knowledge transfer, or more formal training by a certified USM Training Partner.

For more information on training, see Training at USM portal.


How to make a success of ITIL® 4 with USM
Book cover: How to make a success of ITIL® 4 with USM

The online webbook How to make a success of ITIL© 4 with USM describes the structure and practices of ITIL 4 from the perspective of the USM management system.

Unified Service Management: An introduction to the USM Method
Book cover: Unified Service Management: An introduction to the USM Method

The webbook The USM Method describes in detail the principles, structure, and application of the USM method, in 105 web pages and 100+ illustrations. To apply USM, you read the USM web-book and then apply it in your own organization. Rest assured – you can really do this yourself. A sustainable service organization is simpler than you may think.

USM Portal

USM portal

The USM Portal contains lots of resources about the USM.

A good starting point is the USM Library.